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Mr. Joe Tackie

Mr. Joe Tackie

Mr. Joe Tackie graduated from KNUST with B.Sc. Agriculture with Honours in Animal Science in 1982 and an Executive MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the University Ghana Business School.

In 1991, he was selected as a member of a team of consultants (the consortium/ carl bro international) that undertook the Ghana Grain Sector Study commissioned by DANIDA for the government of Ghana.

In 1997, Mr Tackie founded Meaty Foods Limited a successful meat processing company in Ghana Mr. Tackie had extensive training in South Africa as a consultant with O.I.M. International B.V. of South Africa, a Leadership and Business Development Consultancy firm in 2004/2005.

As a consultant and an entrepreneur, Mr Tackie has been involved in a lot of activities and training programmes involving SMEs. He currently runs seminars and workshops in organizations and the universities. Mr Tackie is currently the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Small Business Development Foundation, an International NGO assisting SMEs in the development and growth of their businesses.

He was appointed consultant for Believe Begin Become Entrepreneurship Development Program in 2007 by Technoserve/ GOOGLE .org and played host to Mr. Larry Page, founder of Google. Org to Ghana.

Mr Tackie is also the founder of Global Entrepreneurship Solutions, an SME clinic and currently the Principal Consultant with GH Consulting Co. Ltd. and an Adjunct Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Graduate Business School of Central University Collage and the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS).

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