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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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The Causes of Breast Cancer and How to Detect It At Early Stage

The mere word of cancer brings fear in the minds of the people. It is one of the dreadful diseases one has stumble upon ever. Cancer in reality is not a single disease but it is a term which reveals different malignant tumors which affect all forms of organism.

In medical terms cancer can be described as an abnormal, uncoordinated, excessive, autonomous and purposeless clonal proliferation of cells. When the cell becomes cancerous they can easily spread and grow in other parts of the body too.

The Risk of cancer amplify when a person is exposed to a few physical, chemical and biological agents identified as carcinogens, it results in mutations in the genes by damaging the DNA. As there are different types of cells in the body each and every cell can become cancerous. Till date more than 270 types of cancers are prevailing. Some of the cancers include sarcoma, leukaemia, carcinoma, lymphoma, mycloina, astrocytoma, ependymoma and oligodendrocytoma.
What causes cancer?
There are several reasons available through which cancer can spread. Now- a-days different lifestyle changes have been found responsible for having a cancer. The availability of junk food, water, air, exposure to radiation, nutritional imbalances, intake of sodium, cholesterol poor intake of vitamins, calcium etc causes cancer. Exposure to ionizing radiations like X-rays, gamma-rays, CAT scan, exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by man-made technological devices and installation of fluorescent lights, electric motors, food mixers, computers, mobiles, microwave ovens, ill-fitted denture can cause cancer.
How to detect cancer early?
Earlier, cancer was not so common, but now a day’s every third person’s like is at stake due to the widespread disease of cancer. The general symptoms of cancer include loss of weight, fatigue, pain, drowsiness, fever, hemorrhage, anemia, loss of appetite and cachexia. When you have a continuous pain in abdominal pain this is a symptom of ovarian cancer, bowel obstruction could be touted as colorectal cancer, haematuria in bladder cancer, headache in brain reveals tumors, paralysis in the spinal cord tumors.
Carcinoma of the breast can be detected by self-examination of the breast. Any non-healing ulcer on the tongue or in the mouth should be assumed as cancer. In this article we have mentioned only a few such cases which could cause cancer. However, if we are suffering from a condition for long time and it fails to heal, it will be a good idea to contact the physician so that we can detect cancer at an early stage. With the help of biochemistry, ultrasound, X-rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging we can detect cancer at an early stage.

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